Colorado Cool…
What’s Cool about Colorado?
Just about Everything! Hi, I’m Debbie Lease.
Erik Satie and I toured the World, performing in some
of the most amazing Cities & Countries, but Colorado kept
calling us back! And we kept calling Colorado ‘Home

Colorado is ‘Someplace to be Yourself’,
and with this site...

  …we will present a sampling of incredible Artists you need to know about! Musicians, Actors, Unusual Entertainers, Visual Artists, Poets, Writers, Culinary Artists, and Cool Places that support these Artists & Performers. Also with ‘Erik’s Salon’, it’s an ‘anything goes’ discussion & opinion forum - a Rant and Rave - with whatever pertinent subject is on his mind right now. Ranging from his favorite recording microphone for vocals, to Politics, Religion, Food & Wine. With that in mind, this site will continually change along with the Seasons…


…so grab a cool drink, you already have the best seat in the house,
and step inside & listen, look, and experience
       The Colorado Cool…

Composer Erik Satie has produced & engineered this long awaited recording at Emotional Logic Studio. Created with Debbie Lease, Erik has brought together some of Colorado’s amazing Musicians to perform with them. They have not given this body of work a ‘Label’, such as Jazz, Pop, Blues, Funk, Techno, Old School, etc., they just call it: “Colorado Cool”! because it is all of that and beyond, and YOU the listener can make that call.
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“Just a little note to say what a great CD you've released. The tunes are terrifically performed, wonderfully produced, and most important, they are excellent compositions. Debbie's voice is the perfect combination of great pitch and beautiful word painting whether it be light and breezy Latin, more gutsy Blues, or more traditional popular stylings, and Erik's trumpet plays off her words with masterful improvisations, just the right amount of compliment to the voice mixed with creative and very tasty solo work. Congratulations on your truly excellent artistry, I'm proud to have this disc in my collection and listen to it often.”
Best wishes,
Bill Hill
Principal Timpanist, Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Adjunct Professor of Composition, Denver University Lamont School of Music

“First, about the album. I found the name to be interesting. I appreciate probably more than most the fact that it is all original compositions; I know how much it means to you to be known primarily as a composer. This album really demonstrates how great a composer you are (but not limited to this genre). There is not one song on the album that I do not just love. I have listened on my main, if dated, stereo; on my "boom-box" in the basement in my shop; on headphones (Koss over-the-ears) using the portable CD player we bought on the trip to LA; and on my computer's cheap-ass speakers (as I write this). While trying to deliberately find flaws would destroy the enjoyment of listening to the music, I have noticed absolutely no distractions at all. Everything is perfect. Tastefully done. I like the little touches, the slight echo on the dream sequence for example. And in case you might think I didn't notice, I love the mix; I really appreciate the fact that the percussion, particularly the snare's, does not mask out the music. And the performances, my-O-my! Fantastic! Debbie has never sounded better. I love your horn work. Everything is just top notch! I've laid in bed at two in the morning with the lights out just listening, letting the music flow through me - what an emotional experience, what fun!!!!”
Dave Klink, scientist, Johnstown, CO